K&Elphy is Greek

Greek leather sandals are a staple item here in Greece representing summer, history and fashion. If you have traveled to Greece you have seen them, if you have watch movies about Greece, you have seen them – “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” (who knows this movie reference?). Or if you know me you definitely have seen them!…

Being fabulous is easy, it's just confidence dressed up!"
- Elphy

K&Elphy Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Campaign

Welcome to the K&Elphy Spring/Summer ’16 Collection! This collection was inspired by the beautiful Greek summers and a child’s love of creativity. Lots of color and new concepts were introduced for this line as child fashion is becoming more fun and carefree. The hope for these sandals is that they are worn with love by…

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Bows Bows Bows

Bows! Yes, bows are a styling trick that can help you create an outfit into something fashion worthy. This can be any type of bow, bows worn in your hair with pigtails, a bow on your clothing or even your shoes! The idea of a bow is so simple but the impact is large. There…


Easter Fashion Favorites

I find it so funny that some years the Greek Orthodox Easter is on a completely different date to the rest of the world who celebrate Easter.  I secretly love it when it happens to be a months difference (like this year, we will be celebrating on the 1st of May) cause I get to…

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