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Another K Outfit – Girls Rock&Roll Too!

With a newly 4 year old in the house it’s like things have suddenly gotten even more fun, playful and creative! I encourage K to use her imagination, play with minimal toys and I let her get bored. It’s ok for children to get bored (this is the teacher in me speaking and as a…


K Turns 4 – A Floral Birthday Party

Another year and my girl is 4 years old! This number sounds so unreal, 4! Wasn’t it only a few days ago that she was so little I had to hold her constantly? Obviously not, because she’s a full blown FourNager now with opinions, burst of attitude and come backs that keep me on my…


The Stylist gets Styled

It was my turn to get styled by my 3 year old! K, all professional and serious, went to my closet and picked out a skirt and a top that she claimed “yes, perfect I like” and instructed me to get dressed. She then escorted me to our balcony where she showed me where to…


For Moms

We are moms! We are proud, strong and beautiful, even underneath all the sleepless nights and food covered clothing. We are playful, carefree and joyful even through all the child tantrum ridden days. We hold our families together with love and support even with just a hug in return. Why? Because we are Moms and…


Easter the Greek Way

With Easter being celebrated almost with a month’s difference to the rest of the world who celebrate this holiday this year, it feels like… Finally, we get to have our massive Greek, Lamb roasted, crazy loud family celebration! If your Greek you know what I am talking about and if your not just imagine a…

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