Mommy and Me Style

Raise your hand if you get jealous of your child’s outfits! Be honest, how many times do you think ‘if only this came in my size I would totally wear it’!? For me, this happens way too much. To the point where if there is an outfit K wears that I know would look great on me I look high and low to find an adult version. Sometimes I succeed and find a fabulous outfit for myself and other times it’s a non ending search in the land of on-line shopping.

Matching Sweater – Kid+Kind | K’s Skirt – Wrare Doll | My Skirt – Zara (similar here and here) | Photography – Helen Cris

Thankfully, lots of our favorite small/handmade brands have started creating adult versions in their collections. Such as Hudson & Ruthie, Whistle & Flute, Amai Co. and Kid + Kind. When Kid + Kind came out with an adult collection this season for the first time, my reaction was relief. Odd reaction but truth, because the joy that Jacquelyn’s clothing always has, was something that I felt not only represented K but me too.

Mommy and Me Style is something I’ve always loved, but as most know I try to find ways to style our matching looks with hints of our own personality that aren’t identical. Matching a same sweater but pairing it differently is a great way to look similar but not exact. Use different prints in your outfit from your little’s look and it will take the whole Mommy & Me style up a notch! Also, never forget to have fun with it!

Matching Sweater – Kid+Kind | K’s Skirt – Wrare Doll | My Skirt – Zara (similar here and here) | Sandals – K&Elphy | Photography – Helen Cris


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