K Turns 4 – A Floral Birthday Party

Another year and my girl is 4 years old! This number sounds so unreal, 4! Wasn’t it only a few days ago that she was so little I had to hold her constantly? Obviously not, because she’s a full blown FourNager now with opinions, burst of attitude and come backs that keep me on my toes. It is amazing watching your baby grow, the hugs get tighter and your heart grows along with them!

Photography – Helen Cris

Birthday prep is my favorite! I start planning almost 6 months in advanced, cause living in Greece I really need to pre-plan themes and outfits if I want to order anything from the States, in some cases it can take up to 2 months to arrive (take into account I usually order handmade items so seller needs time to create it). So, the minute one birthday ends I begin brainstorming for the next. You know, Pinterest boards, Etsy tabs and phone screen shots!

When planning for K’s 4th birthday, I sat with K and we went through photos of different party themes so we can come up with something she would love. Her pick was pink flowers! This is how our floral theme came about. I developed her wish and added a selection of colors to make it more fun and created the major aspects of the party to floral, her dress, the wall decor and the cake. Everything else would compliment the floral design so things wouldn’t be overwhelming and over decorated, you definitely don’t want to over style an event, always strive for a chic look even for a kid’s party!

The plates were white in a square shape, white cups with gold polka dots, gold cutlery, gold straws and napkins with a gold foil print that read “Pop, Fizz, Clink“. Adding all these items in baskets and flower pots gave them extra purpose on the table!

This was the first year we made actual invitation, until now I would digital make some and email/facebook them to our guests. K started full time school so we were inviting some of her closest friends from her class and we were excited to make actual invitations. I found a free floral font that was perfect and created business size cards from it with just K’s name and date. In small print at the bottom I added time, address and my phone number. Simple and to the point! We made pink and gold confetti and put it in a small box with the card and tied up the invitation with twine and a flower to give guests a taste of what the party would be about.

I had contacted my dear friend Annie of Wrare Doll a few months ago to do her magic and create K’s birthday dress. Annie has an unbelievable talent working with tulle!  Her creations are breathtakingly stunning and the perfect wow statement for an event. We discussed the floral and color theme and she did her thing! When working with creators like Annie let them take the creative lead, they are the experts and know what works, trust me the result will leave you with your mouth oh so very open.

Photography – Helen Cris

So we have the dress and next contacted Brandy of Little Blue Olive for our annual birthday crown! Brandy is the genius behind the famous child birthday crown and party hats. She’s made every crown of K’s since her 1st birthday and we don’t plan on stopping! This year though I wanted to let our guests enjoy Brandy’s creations and we decided to make party hats that would compliment the party theme.

Of course I had to create some custom sandals for K. What sort of maker am I if I don’t take such an opportunity to design something just for my girl’s 4th birthday, so it was Floral all the way! Creating K&Elphy sandals all started with K, she’s always the inspiration behind what I make, in this case it was no different, she said she wanted flowers, she was definitely getting flowers from me! I might have made some mama heeled sandals for myself just because I always believe in us mamas look extraordinary too! These sandals represent exactly the style of mama & me that I love the best, matching but not matchy-matchy. Same concept executed differently!

Photography – Helen Cris

After setting up my go to brands for what we needed I started a search to find a creator for the decorations. I knew exactly what I wanted, large flowers, but I didn’t want something manufactured, I wanted someone who made them by hand with love and care! This is when I discovered Micheala of Comeuppance in the UK who does exactly that. Her handmade paper floral creations was exactly what our party needed!


To Compliment the floral decorations everything else was simple with the use of solid colors. Balloons to frame the mirrored flowers and a large number 4 balloon with large tissue decorations on the other side of the living room. The rest of the home was decorated with vases of fresh flowers, pink couch throws and gold table cloth.

Party parting gifts is always a tough one! I’ve seen ongoing discussions in mama groups about ideas of what should be given. I wanted something to relate with the flower theme and that’s when I figured out what I wanted, Eric Carle’s story ‘The Tiny Seed“. I found this mini version of the book which was so perfect, a story about the adventures of a tiny seed on it’s way to becoming a flower. Personalize such a gift with a little quote for your guests to always remember you by!


Eric Carle – The Tiny Seed

 To finish off these gifts they were packaged in Liberty of London goody bags.

Party Hat: Little Blue Olive | Party Bag: Liberty of London

The party was planned for 11am so we prepared a kid friendly buffet with mini burgers, mini hotdogs, mini fajitas, triangle cheese sandwitches and shot glasses of mac&cheese. With large platters of Antipasti that included fabulous cheese and cured meats, parents got samplers of some more eclectic tastes too. Drinks included the classics but also a drink dispenser of pink lemonade.
Though, because most mamas need a morning dose of caffeine I set up a Coffee Bar! It kept me free from needing to make everyone a coffee as they arrived. It was all decked out with coffee capsules, individual milk capsules, sugar and even mini oreo cookies. My favorite aspect of the Coffee Bar was the Hazelnut Syrup pump! You are able to buy Starbucks syrups to give that yummy shot of taste to your homemade coffee!
The cake! This cake was left in the hands of Zoe who owns The Sweet Spot here in Athens, Greece. She’s a true artist and all I needed to show her were the decorations and K’s dress and the rest was all her! The two layered cake gives drama and fresh flowers adds a softness to the entire look, don’t be afraid to tell your cake maker to experiment and get creative with your deserts.
 No party is complete without a Photo Booth, well at our parties at least! With the app Simple Booth on my ipad it’s exactly like you’re in a pro Photo Booth, it is so easy to use that all the kids at the party had a blast using it on their own! Well, the adults had fun with it too. You can customize the photo strip and add a logo. I added the floral print from the invitation with the date on it, we then got them printed for all our guests to take home with them!

K’s Party was the best not because of all the prep and organizing that went into it, but because it was worth all that to see her so excited! Waking her up the morning of her birthday with her bed covered in balloons, to getting dressed in her fairytale gown and seeing her scream from joy when her friends arrived made every moment of her day that more special.
Happy 4th Birthday K!

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