The Stylist gets Styled

It was my turn to get styled by my 3 year old! K, all professional and serious, went to my closet and picked out a skirt and a top that she claimed “yes, perfect I like” and instructed me to get dressed. She then escorted me to our balcony where she showed me where to stand and how to pose, this is when she started taking photos and telling me comments like “bravo, you look nice” then continued to show me the shots she took and repositioned me for more photos.

Dressing K in many different outfits is a part of our life and allowing K to take over and dress me made it fun and exciting for her. Her opinions matter and if she doesn’t want to wear something or take a specific photo that is OK too, the point is to enjoy each other through these project we get to do together. So, if she thinks it’s her turn to style me, then it is her turn and I will do it. She put my look together perfectly which matches my personal style and her photos of me are totally my favorite! K is always paying attention to what I am doing with her and around her, she’s taking notes and developing her own ways at the same time.

These moments are definitely my favorite where I get to see my little girl all confident and in charge!

Top: Simka Sol | Skirt: Zara

Top: Simka Sol | Skirt: Zara | Braided Bracelets: Flourish Leather Co.


Dress: Bapribap

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