For Moms

We are moms! We are proud, strong and beautiful, even underneath all the sleepless nights and food covered clothing. We are playful, carefree and joyful even through all the child tantrum ridden days. We hold our families together with love and support even with just a hug in return. Why? Because we are Moms and nothing is more special in our hearts than being moms to our children.

Happy Mother’s Day

Dress: June & January | Top: Next Direct | Jeans: H&M | Sandals: K&Elphy

With it being Mother’s Day I wanted to show how you can match with your little one without being overly matchy-matchy for your loved filled day. Pairing a wider stripe with a thin stripe gives more interest to these matching outfits without being completely the same. The simple lines of this little June & January dress works well next to the asymmetrical top, creating balance. My favorite way to match shoes is with different style sandals but having the same embellishment, which you can custom request for an adult pair in the K&Elphy Etsy shop, different but still the same because which little girl doesn’t like matching with her mama and actually, we love it too!

Dress: June & January | Top: Next Direct | Braided Bracelets: Flourish Leather | Sandals: K&Elphy

All About My Mom

She is 3 years old like me | Her favorite color is green | She likes to eat ice cream | I like to eat her spaghetti with meat sauce | She works with mail | I like to draw with my mom

Floral Bouquet: Flower’s Hall





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