Easter the Greek Way

With Easter being celebrated almost with a month’s difference to the rest of the world who celebrate this holiday this year, it feels like… Finally, we get to have our massive Greek, Lamb roasted, crazy loud family celebration! If your Greek you know what I am talking about and if your not just imagine a lot of people talking at once with raised voices but with lots of love. Trust me, no one is fighting, it’s just how we talk!

I have taken some of my childhood memories of Easter from the States and have incorporated them into how we celebrate with my daughter. I put together an Easter basket for her, have Easter Egg hunts and decorate our home with bunnies! Painting eggs is also part of Greek tradition but we also get gifts from our godparents including a candle that we take to Saturday’s evening service.  We also roast lamb for Sunday lunch and crack each other’s painted eggs, in other words we eat a lot on this day!

Easter has always been my favorite of the holidays here. The entire week leading up to Sunday is full of traditions, such as making koulourakia (Greek cookies) or making tsourekia (sweet bread). Church services are stunning with Friday’s Epiphany being one of the most beautiful with the floral decorations.  Meeting up with friends and family is also part of the fun and what this holiday is all about. Xristos Anesti – Happy Greek Orthodox Easter!

If you want to join in on our Easter celebrations follow along on my Snapchat: kandelphy

Doll: Candy Kirby Designs | Book: Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer | Floral Bunny Ears: jl Designs | Dress: Crew & Lu | Hair Clips: Ryan + Wren | Hair Bows: Pitchoun Designs | Sandals: K&Elphy

K&Elphy Sandals | Lambada: Greek Easter Candle DIY by me

Dress: Crew & Lu | Floral Bunny Ears: Jl Designs | Sandals: K&Elphy




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