K&Elphy in Sydney

We have fallen in love with Sydney and have already been twice within a year! Our first trip to Australia last year was also K’s 1st time on an airplane, yeah we went big with that first.

Australia is an entirely different world, and it feels like it too with how long it takes to get there, but my goodness what an amazing country full of culture, loving people and amazing neighborhoods!

Traveling with a 3 year old on a 25 hour trip (4 hours from Athens to Dubai, 6 hour layover then 15 hours from Dubai to Sydney), a bit daunting. She did better then us! Though, this time around we stopped in Singapore to brake up the trip and it was so worth it! It was the right choice cause it made the journey easier for us all, we got use to the time change faster, saw an amazing new place and met instagram friends!

Arriving this past February in Sydney was the bestest trip we’ve had as a family yet . Staying with great friends, shopping and eating out everyday at their amazing Brazilian Style BBQ restaurant, Churrasco made this trip unforgeable. The highlights for K and I was exploring a side to Sydney we didn’t get to see on our previous trip. We went to trending neighborhoods, funky cafes and cute independent shops. As we explored I saw how beautiful these streets were and we started to notice all the amazing street art around the city! We now had a mission, find and shoot K in the new K&Elphy collection in front of as many amazing street art we could find! I think we did good.

Tee: Cotton On | Shorts: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Shorts: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Dress: H&M | Sandals: K&Elphy

Dress: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Hair clips: Ryan + Wren | Sandals: K&Elphy


Shorts: Primark | Tank: Next Direct | Sandals: K&Elphy


Shorts: Lacey Lane | Sandals: K&Elphy

Shorts: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Shorts: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Dress: Seed | Sandals: K&Elphy

Tank: Next Direct | Shorts: Primark | Sandals: K&Elphy



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