April Fools’ Fashion

If you follow me on Instagram (@kandelphy) you are familiar with my “new” discovery of the disposable potty training dress!

Sandals: K&Elphy | Dress: Toilet Paper

Ha!! Welcome to my weird sense of humor and my silly way of wishing you all a Happy April Fools’ Day! A little innocent fun when it comes to my child styling and fashion ways by creating a dress made of toilet paper. That is correct, I just used a roll of floral toilet paper to create this disposable dress, because I think all us moms who have kids who are potty training would just love to actually have clothing that if peed on we could just toss out.

As a family we have done some silly April Fools’ jokes throughout the years. I loved growing up with my dad waking me up in the mornings and telling me to say crazy stuff to my mom to freak her out! She would always jump and be fooled by it all and it always was so much fun.

My favorite joke that I ever did was many years ago when my husband and I first started dating! I have to set this joke up with letting you know that my little sister is 14 years younger than me and when my husband and I started dating she was only 8 years old. So, back to my evil April Fools’ prank! I was over at my now husband’s house and we were only dating a few months at the time when I told him that because we have been dating for awhile now that I had something I needed him to know. He got concerned and told me it was ok and just come out with it. This is when I told him that my sister wasn’t actually my sister but my daughter (something that could be possible but obviously wasn’t the case). Now, I was expecting shock or anger, something! Nope, his response? “Ah, ok cool”. Whaat!!? I couldn’t believe he was ok with this information, which he totally believed, but instead of him freaking out, I did! We got married 5 years later.

Hope everyone’s day is full of funny moments of being fooled!

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