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This is me! A bit silly, a hole lot of weird with a happy attitude. My love for fashion started when I lived in London in 2006. Being exposed to a city where the time of day didn’t matter for fashion, fashion was all around. From high street shops to independent neighborhood stores, style was found in the littlest of places. I took this love back with me to Greece but didn’t act on it until the birth of my little girl. My love for style and fashion grew tremendously when I started shopping for her. I suddenly felt a rush of inspiration and the need to do something with it. Not only did my daughter’s style develop but mine developed along with hers. I get inspired by the outfits I put together for my girl and build something in the same feeling for me. The concept of the Mommy & Me look was still new to me when I first started and I did love a matching look, but what I’ve learned to love most is when I have aspects of our outfits matching. For example our shoes, matching our K&Elphy sandals is obviously my favorite but that doesn’t mean I will go and match the rest of our outfit together. I might not even do a matchy-matchy sandal, but keep the colors or the hint of colors the same.

Living in Greece during summer months gives me the opportunity to live in K&Elphy sandals many months out of the year. I try to push my sandal wearing up till when it is socially acceptable. I don’t want to be that weirdo wearing sandals when everyone else has started wearing boots! But, when the sun starts to shine extra hot after the cold months, trust me I’m the first in the sandals. I get asked constantly don’t I ever like wearing heels? When I dress up don’t I want a fancier shoe? When I was a Master’s student in London, and first exploring my fashion style I only wore heels. Yes, everywhere! I wore heels to class, to the supermarket and when shopping on Oxford Street. I continued my heel wearing years when I started working as a Junior Kindergarten teacher, as a private English teacher and then as a Kindergarten teacher. So, what I am saying is I have paid my dues (haha) but when I was pregnant to K I had an irrational fear of falling on my face so the heels came off and in very few rare occasions they came out to play again. Let’s be honest mamas, who can be bothered to chase after their active toddler in heels? Not me! That is why I am so obsessed with Greek sandals as I truly believe that no matter the outfit or occasion a pair of K&Elphy’s can be dressed up or down. Well, I do have a special place in my heart for my Alexander McQueen heels, but don’t tell my sandals that!

I truly believe one’s best styling trick is confidence. Believe in what you are wearing, if you’re not feeling your look don’t wear it and wear what you wore yesterday (I wont judge, we all do it) cause if that made feel like girl power than just do it again! This is what I try to do with my girl’s outfit and try to convey through my child styling tips. I let her feel, I let her explore cause if she doesn’t like it then what’s the fun in that? I obviously advise (strongly advise) what goes with what but I trust her to pick too, I trust that she will find her own style and all I am doing is assisting her until she does. Did you guys know that I never liked the color pink? Like I hated it!! Look at me now! All because of my daughter. When she was born I only picked neutral colors, purples and tones of green, turquoise and mint. Suddenly one day her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw that clothing came in pink colors too! I caved and became obsessed myself to the point I love to wear it too. Have you noticed!? If I didn’t believe in my girl’s choices we both wouldn’t have this great color in our wardrobes and missed out in such a joyful color in our lives. As much as you guide your children let them guide you too, I believe we all still have lots to learn and our little ones are our best teachers!

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