K&Elphy is Greek

Greek leather sandals are a staple item here in Greece representing summer, history and fashion. If you have traveled to Greece you have seen them, if you have watch movies about Greece, you have seen them – “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” (who knows this movie reference?). Or if you know me you definitely have seen them!


Dress: June Park | Sandals: K&Elphy


These leather sandals were worn in Ancient Greece and said to be also worn by the Greek Gods. I imagine that Goddess Athena was one stylish girl boss! Originally they were made of stiff leather and wooden soles with straps attached to the bottom that would wrap around ones ankle. The same pattern idea is found in today’s sandals, just slightly comfier than those past ones.

It was easy in those times to tell the social status of someone by the sandals they wore. The wealthier would wear dyed color sandals and sometimes even painted with real gold. People of importance, such as high officials and actors would wear sandals with cork soles for extra height to give the illusion of being taller. Shoemakers would carve patterns in the leather of their sandals as trademarks and some would add nails to the bottom of the soles for when one would walk it would leave a word or pattern in the ground behind them.

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Today these sandals are known around the world. They are the easy addition to any look, from a casual day outfit to a fancier ensemble. Creating K&Elphy sandals for children has been an amazing experience, giving moms an item that can make their child’s outfit look like a fashion statement. I believe that is what makes Greek sandals so unique, their ability to create a statement with simplicity.  My favorite way to pair a gladiator on a child is with high waisted bloomers, the vintage feel of the bloomers with laced up sandals is a combination that a child pulls off beautifully.

The history behind the Greek leather sandal is inspiring and gives me direction when creating a collection. From my wrap up gladiators with studs to the mommy & me sets all designs are pulled from the same sandal’s past. K&Elphy is Greek.

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Bloomers: Crew&Lu | Sandals: K&Elphy

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