Building An Empire

Living in Greece has been a great source of inspiration especially during summer! The best way for us girls to be dressed during these hot summer months is in shorts, dresses and the must have leather sandals!


I live in Greek leather sandals for as many months possible or as long as socially acceptable. Many years ago when I had my new set of summer footwear I decided I wanted them to be different from others and create something uniquely mine, that is when I started to embellish them with whatever I had – ribbons, beads and crystals. I constantly got stopped to be asked where I purchased these sandal creations! That’s when it clicked with a friend of mine we could do this as a part-time thing. So we did! It was great fun and I loved creating new designs for the commonly known leather sandal.

Our little part-time fun ended a few summers down the line – life just got in the way. Years later I had my lovely baby girl K and I decided to become a stay at home mom as I didn’t want to miss out on anything K related! I’m actually a JK/ Kindergarten teacher so I love these early ages more than anyone can imagine! I didn’t realize that staying home would give me the chance to start getting creative again. I didn’t plan it, it just seemed to happen all on it’s own. Painting, decorating and making little accessories came back into my life.

Looking around on Etsy is one of my favorite pastimes and I love getting original handmade items for K! I started looking for little leather embellished sandals for summer and just couldn’t find any (or at least Greek style sandals). Ta-Da! My mind went crazy with what I could do! Honestly why shouldn’t I just make them… I used to make adult ones, teeny ones would be so much more fun to create!

K&Elphy was born a year and so after baby K was. This new adventure was only the start to my brand!

Now, 2 years later I am now growing my business and adding one of my other passions, child fashion. When I first started out on Instagram I had no shop or direction, I just thought it was a cool new app., a social media app. for the more artistic at heart. Totally my jam! (May I just randomly say that instead of typing ‘totally my jam’ I wrote ‘totally my ham’ which I do like and ham is my jam). I started following some of my favorite mommy bloggers such as Jessica Garvin of Little Baby Garvin, who was only pregnant to her first Harper back then, and Joy of Oh Joy. *side note: if you don’t know these mamas shame on you!

I had already started Etsy shopping at this point but when we took K on her very first vacation that summer to the island of Crete, I discovered the joy of styling my baby girl! I do have to give credit to my sister here (and you all must thank her) cause she told me that I needed to post K’s outfits on Instagram. Now, don’t look at my 16k following that I have now, back then I had less than 30 followers. I challenge you to go back in my feed @kandelphy, over 500 outfits may I add, and actually see how many likes that first outfit got! Hint, it was in the single digits. I was excited with getting any likes (today it’s just embarrassing) cause it wasn’t only my sister liking my post! Another interesting fact about my outfit posts is that after my 10th outfit I broke into the double digits for likes. While you are stalking my feed you will also see my styling ways developed, K grew and my photography became stronger. I am not ashamed of those first posts and will never delete them as they are my brand’s soul that I built upon. Be proud with what you do and put it out there, it represents you!

Without even knowing it I grew a fan base due to my child styling skills and because of the many question of where to shop for kids or where I got a specific item, I decided that I would love to have a place where moms can come and get inspired, read my go to child styling tips and see what my favorite brands are at the moment.

Enjoy your time here and feel free to ask your styling question, I am here to help you Style Your Child!

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